Helen & Alex – Rainy Ilfracombe Wedding

Helen & Alex were married at the stunning Ilfracombe Tunnel Beaches in Devon. When they initially sent through details on the venue, it showed a stunning location, bathed in sunshine. It looked like somewhere in the Mediterranean. We were all so excited. The days leading up to the wedding, the weather looked ominous but we all kept the faith. Unfortunately on this occasion, Mother Nature was really not on our side. It didn’t just rain a little bit, it absolutely chucked it down from start to finish!

It’s a bride and groom’s (and wedding photographer’s!) worst nightmare, waking in the morning to be greeted by a torrential downpour. But these guys were rock n roll and refused to be beaten. They still realised their dream and held their ceremony outside, the guests all braved it with their umbrellas. Spirits did not dampen once. The ceremony was one of laughter and tears. We waited on a break in the clouds to do the couple shots, but again it never came. So Helen & Alex threw caution to the wind and threw themselves in with both feet. We had an amazing time shooting the couple portraits in the rain. An experience none of us will ever forget!

You can plan a dream wedding, and pray it will all run smoothly, but the one thing you can never plan is the weather! But you don’t need to. Whatever the weather, thats the story of your day so just embrace it wholeheartedly. Helen & Alex were absolute troopers. Spirits were so high. It may have been pouring outside but the sun was shining inside! A truly great wedding!


October 30th, 2014
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