About Me…

It’s important to be open. The more we know about one another, the more we connect.
And as a photographer, I ‘ve learned these connections make the magic happen.
So, to kick things off, here is a little about me.

My name’s Andy and I have been a keen photographer ever
since learning how to tell people's stories, studying Documentary Film Making at University.
My wedding day was the best day of my life; I married my beautiful, best friend Emily. I am tall.....she is small.
I have the top shelf covered; she has the bottom shelf covered. We make a formidable team.
This is our son Thomas. He’s the most beautiful and brave little soul, our absolute hero.
He completes our world, Tall, Small and Tiny!
I love a sea view; I grew up by the sea in Portsmouth and now
reside in sunny Brighton.
I love writing lists. Other things that light up my world are...
Encona hot pepper sauce, good wine, a bloody good stretch, travelling, festivals, summer evenings, sausages, Radiohead, crumpets,
Wes Anderson, bags with lots of compartments, camping, Elliott Smith, cycling (but only in summer), giving people new names,
throwing, catching, eating and laughing hard.

I also love connecting with new people, hearing their stories, hopes and passions.
If you want to share your story with me, I’d be honoured to play a part in it, whether it’s photographing your wedding, engagement, family, pets, bands or business.

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